Meningeal Approach, Meningeal Approach… I couldn’t get it out of my head. I just knew it was important, a great opportunity to heal for both myself and my patients, and I wasn’t going to let it go.

Balance in Imbalance: Reflecting on the Meningeal Approach

In this society in which we live, there are quite a few of us who are lucky enough to have managed to make room in our busy and stressful days for activities such as yoga, Pilates, or, why not, Yamuna Body Rolling.

This article arose as a reflection while on the way back to Bilbao by bus, after an intense course that I am convinced will change my life. In fact, I am already noticing many changes in my body and, more surprisingly, in my way of thinking and feeling.

Relatively recently, a teacher from a therapy center, Mari Mar (thank you!!) showed me the possibility of performing osteopathy in a different way, without involving aggression to the body, based on respect, which leads to faster, deeper, and more lasting results than when carrying out traditional osteopathy: the Craniosacral Therapy devised by Dr. John E. Upledger DO, that Human Being who has touched the heart of many of us and has made us believe and trust that a touch of love makes the impossible possible.

After “devouring” his books and attending several Institute training courses, I still have a lot to learn and discover with instructors who remain faithful to Dr. John’s spirit, like Fernando Barea (Thank you!!). It was in one of those courses that the incomparable Antonio Castillo (Thank you!!!) spoke to me about something known as the Meningeal Approach, which works with the tensions caused by the intrauterine process and childbirth, which are decisive in our lives since we are the mammals that have the greatest difficulties at birth. “Unlike quadrupeds that spend their gestation supported on a natural hammock, we are forced to spend the last months of the pregnancy in a head-down position, supporting our head on our mother’s firm pelvis, and this will have consequences of tension in the baby’s structure and emotions”.

Meningeal Approach, Meningeal Approach… I couldn’t get it out of my head. I just knew it was important, a great opportunity to heal both me and my patients, and I wasn’t going to let it go.

So I jumped at the chance to get a closer knowledge of José Luis Pérez Batlle’s very personal project (Thank you !!!!!!!!).

The first contradiction that astounded me was the Feet.

Balance in Imbalance

I’m a teacher of Yamuna Foot Fitness, I’m also a certified practitioner in advanced work with foot savers. I’ve worked really, really hard, and really deeply on my feet. In fact, I was proud of my correct alignment and weight distribution. Well, before I started to get into José Luis Pérez Batlle’s work, always under the auspices of the Upledger Institute, all the students underwent a podographic examination, since José Luis puts a lot of effort in showing scientific proof and evidence of the results of his complete and extraordinary work. Up to that moment, everything was perfect, and when I examined the results… I observed that there was not much difference between one foot and the other, apart from the physiological difference, and that the distribution of weight over the sole of the foot was quite correct, or at least, it seemed so to me.

We then proceeded to perform the work of release of the technique known as Primary Pull… After an hour and a half, we repeated the examination…

I check the results and I say: “Good! You can see that during all this time I have been doing a good job on my feet and alignment, the Yamuna techniques work!”

But…my hopes were dashed. José Luis comes up to me and, very kindly, asks my permission to compare both prints and tells me: “Look closely, in the first one you have managed to find balance in imbalance, look at the figures for weight on the toes and heels and see the difference; don’t you see how in the second image the values and balance are already more real?

Well, no, I hadn’t seen it, I hadn’t realized it … Balance in imbalance … Those words keep going around in my head, and it’s true.

We practice yoga, Pilates, body rolling, et cetera, and we do nothing but stretch like springs. We improve, that is an undeniable truth. Pain and tension disappear, but… there is always something left, always that persistent pain or area that needs more work and that always accompanies us. Sometimes more subtle, other times stronger… And whoever denies it, will only be fooling themselves.

What would happen if we first freed ourselves from that primary pull and then practiced yoga or Pilates? Well, the spring effect would have disappeared.

I am convinced that my words could upset people, but this is an opinion based on my personal experience, about something that I consider fair and important enough to share, as this new approach must be known. In this way, people who are ready and wish to do so, decide to release that child who is still trapped in that intrauterine trauma, in silence, but with clear and evident signs in our body, in our tissue memory.

I’ve had persistent contractures that have faithfully accompanied me, throughout most of the years of my life. Exercises, therapies, acupuncture, cupping… The pain would go away, but would come back again and again. Since I was a child, I’ve been having headaches, breathing problems… How can we explain that all this has disappeared after receiving the benefits of this new way of seeing and experiencing craniosacral therapy?

My body is still adapting to the changes, it is integrating the new sensations and emotions as if I had a brand-new body… Even my flexibility has improved… and I feel more “clear-headed”, let’s say everything flows more easily. But regarding the course, what has touched me most is to feel Gratitude, to feel it deeply, because that is the basis of everything: to be grateful for everything and to spread the touch of love wherever we go.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Written by : Instituto Pérez Batlle

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