All the Meningeal Approach courses are being developed and updated in digital format.

On registration, the student will receive a password to enter the STUDENTS page of our website, gaining access to all the theoretical classes of the chosen course recorded by José Luis Pérez Batlle DO.

In these online tutorials, the student will find questionnaires to test their learning.

After completing the first phase of the online theory classes, the student will be ready to attend the 3 day in-person course. Online training allows students to go in depth into the theoretical concepts and models presented by Jose Luis. The students will have the class videos at their disposal for a while so that they can study all the material at their own pace and improve their preparation for the practical course.

At the same time, in the practical training, there will be more time available for stretcher work and for clearing up the doubts and reviewing the previously-learned concepts.

The other full online course format, mainly for participants who reside abroad, allows the student to attend the course from home, saving themselves travel expenses and getting an additional discount conceded by the Institute on the final course price.

In this case, the student will need a partner on whom to carry out the practice. Thanks to José Luis Pérez Batlle’s great experience, he is equally effective at explaining, demonstrating, and supervising the techniques online.