Odontological Meningeal Approach Course


A new and extraordinary model that explains and deals with the origin of tensions.

Pérez Batlle Institute

Aimed at:
Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Manual Therapy professionals that wish to deepen their knowledge of masticatory and occlusal study. Basic Meningeal Approach training is not required, although it can be carried out later on.

In the Odontological – Meningeal Approach Course, you will study cranial injury mechanisms that affect the TMJs and their specific treatments. You will also learn about the teeth and their relationships and how evolution is determining adaptive changes in the mouth.

You will learn exercises that have been specifically developed to strengthen the neck along with the alveolar bone and its ligaments attached to the teeth and molars. These exercises will be prescribed in cases of gingival diseases and bone loss, among others.