Meningeal Approach 9 Course

Obstetric-pediatric approach


A new and extraordinary model that explains and deals with the origin of tensions.

Pérez Batlle Institute

Meningeal Approach 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 y 8

The Obstetric-Pediatric Approach Course is a specific course for professionals who work or wish to work with pregnant women and children.

You will learn about the needs of the mother and the fetus during pregnancy and delivery. You will also learn the prophylaxis of maternal pelvic release and the work of confrontation of the baby-fetus and the uterus from this new therapeutic approach.

You will learn how to observe, evaluate, and treat a newborn. In addition, you will go in depth into the study of the dysfunctions that are frequently found in consultation practices, and how to approach the child’s treatment and its family context.