Meningeal approach 7 Course


A new and extraordinary model that explains and deals with the origin of tensions.

Pérez Batlle Institute

Meningeal Approach 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 y 6

Meningeal Approach 7 focuses on the individual’s mental and emotional aspects, analyzing their relationship with the body and/or attitude. A clear distinction will be made between trauma-related emotional problems and mentally-related ones, using the appropriate therapeutic approach in each case.

You will learn to work from the tissues to the tissue-mind-emotions dialogue, giving utmost importance to the patient’s reconnection with his biological and ancestral frame towards a vision of the meaning of life.

You will also study the balancing-normalization techniques applied to the Trigeminal and Olfactory nerves, and how this work facilitates the patient’s structural and emotional responses.