Meningeal Approach 2 Curse


A new and extraordinary model that explains and deals with the origin of tensions.

Pérez Batlle Institute

Meningeal Approach 1 training

In Meningeal Approach 2 Course, you will learn about the loads borne by the structure of the parietal bones and how these are transmitted to the temporomandibular joints in the intrauterine anchorage and the descent of the baby through the birth canal.

The new models of Cranial Movements and the Rhomboid System will be studied, as well as the importance of the treatment of the Medullary Cone and the birth rings in the baby-adult’s head. In addition, you will learn how to evaluate an Energetic Isolation.

You will deepen your knowledge of previously acquired techniques in order to approach the Meningeal System, and you will learn new and decisive tools to release the cranial vault and the TMJs.