Anatomical – Dissection Meningeal  Approach Course


A new and extraordinary model that explains and deals with the origin of tensions.

Pérez Batlle Institute

Aimed at:
Healthcare professionals and/or Complementary Therapies specialists.

The basis of Osteopathy study and Cranio-Sacral Therapy developed by A. Taylor Still and Dr. John Upledger respectively, have in common that in both, Human Anatomy is researched and understood in depth, thanks to the Anatomic Dissection work with fresh cadavers.

The Anatomical – Dissection Meningeal Approach course is an integral part of Meningeal Approach training and allows us to consolidate and deepen our knowledge of neuro-fascial anatomy by examining fresh cadavers, thanks to the collaboration of the University of Valencia.

It is a complementary course to all types of Therapies and Manual Medicine, in which the student will learn Anatomy in a practical way by means of the visual and palpatory analysis of the body tissues of fresh cadavers.

For years, we have been one of the few institutes in Europe dedicated to continuous education on this subject, as for legal reasons it is almost impossible to do so in other countries.

This course focuses mainly on the study of the Cranio-Sacral, Neuro-Meningeal, and Aponeurotic Systems, assessing the form, consistency, and their relationships.